Scale of fees

The following is the approved minimum fees of the Institute of Valuers of Sri Lanka.

Capital Valuations

  • Minimum fees Rs.2500/- For Valuations below one million
  • From Rs. 1.0 Million to Rs. 20. 0 Million or part, Rs. 1000/- per Million
  • From Rs. 20. 0 Million to Rs. 30.0 Million or part, Rs. 750/- per Million
  • From Rs. 30.0 Million to Rs. 50.0 Million or part , Rs. 500/- per million
  • From Rs. 50 Million to Rs. 100.0 Million or part, Rs. 250/- per million
  • From Rs. 100 Million Rs.100/- per Million or part thereof
  • Add 25% for Machinery Valuations

Rental Valuations

  • Minimum fees Rs.2500.00
  • Rents up to Rs.100, 000 per month. – 2% of annual rent.
  • Rents from Rs.100,000/- p.m. to Rs.500, 000/- per month 1% of annual rent.
  • Rents beyond 500,000/- per month negotiable.

Court or Tribunal appearances

  • Minimum Fees Rs.5000.00 per appearance


  • Minimum Fees Rs.3000.00 per session.
In addition to the above, the Valuer may charge an additional amount by way of reimbursement of cost of travelling, stamps, and other incidental expenditure involved directly with the preparation of the valuation report.