Annual Corporate Plan

Education and Examination Committee

  • 4 Seminars/workshops for members
  • 2 Public Seminars for Bankers, Accountants, Auditors. Finance personnel, Valuers etc.
  • 2 Module classes for members
  • Memorial Lecture in Memory of the late Mr. B LAriyathilake

Finance and Resources Committee

  • Preparation of annual Report/Accounts for 2018
  • Preparation of Budget for 2019
  • Seek revision of membership fee from the Ministry of Finance
  • Prepare capital expenditure budget

Membership Committee

  • Update issues of ID cards to members
  • Update soft copy of the directory to include photographs, professional qualifications
  • Contact numbers, E-mail address, place of employment etc.
  • Print new edition of membership directory with revision to member’s Status.

Office Management and Social Affairs Committe

  • Launch the website
  • Re-organize and implement an effective filing system
  • Upgrade the existing Computer system
  • Purchase of a laptop for the Institute
  • Upgrade the furniture and furnishings

Professional Affairs Committee

  • Liaise with IVSC to obtain full-membership
  • revive membership with common wealth association of Surveyors and Land Economy (CASLE) and other professional Institutions
  • Develop an indemnity insurance scheme for members.

Publication and Library Committee

  • Publish a bi-monthly newsletter
  • Establish database for land sales, values and other relevant information
  • Prepare annual Valuation Journal
  • Prepare plan for setting up of a library

Legal Committee

  • Review and propose the amendments to the Laws and Regulations of IVSL Act
  • Review and propose the amendments to the Laws and Regulations of IVSL Act
  • Follow up the issue relating to the setting up of an alternative institute by the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development.

Building Project Committee

  • Resolve issues relating to the land for IVSL at Colombage Mawatha with the UDA
  • Explore the obtaining of funds from the Ministry of Finance to construct an IVSL Building

Research and Policy Committee

  • Develop and carry out studies to enhance the valuer’s profession with the latest advancements and technology in other parts of the world